Don’t Face The Struggle Alone.

We Are Your Shield.

Don’t Face The Struggle Alone.

We Are Your Shield.

Family Law

Common law marriage issues, premarital agreements and other family law matters.


Divorce with complicated assets, paternity law, property division, spousal support and more.

Child Custody And Child Support

Parenting responsibilities, relocation, child support determinations and other issues.

You Are

Worthy Of Protection

Arming You With The 

Tools To Move Forward

One of the keys to our success at Front Range Family Law is our commitment to resolving your legal issues in addition to providing you with the emotional resources to emerge from your divorce whole. At our firm, we don’t just help end marriages, we help create new beginnings. This means that we will leverage our network of experts and therapists on your behalf.

We will not only guide you through the legal steps in your divorce or family law issue, but also ensure that you understand how your divorce, children, finances and social media presence are all interconnected. We practice family law in a holistic and compassionate manner while protecting our clients. We believe that every couple can divorce with dignity, and we do our best to settle out of court using mediation. But when litigation represents the opportunity to pursue our clients’ best interests, we are ready to step into battle as your defender.

We Will

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