Empowering Clients Who Face Family Law Issues

Depending on the circumstances you are facing, a family law matter can lead to emotional or financial turmoil. It is important to have an attorney at your side who can answer your questions and guide you through the legal process.

Attorney Rebecca Gumaer has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to guide you through challenging family law matters.We will empower you with the right tools to move forward.

At Front Range Family Law, our Jefferson County family law lawyer has helped countless clients. Whether you are drafting a premarital agreement, seeking an adoption or considering the dissolution of marriage, speaking with a skilled attorney should be your first step. We can provide legal advice, direction and representation from start to finish.

Wheat Ridge Divorce And Family Law Firm

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to clients in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado who are facing a wide range of family law issues. We are prepared to handle cases involving numerous factors, including:

  • Divorce: We will help you through any kind of divorce, including common law marriage dissolution and the dissolution of civil unions and same-sex marriages.
  • Premarital/prenuptial agreements: Our lawyers can work with you to create premarital and prenuptial agreements that will protect your interests.
  • Adoptions: Our attorneys represent clients in stepparent adoptions and nonparent adoptions.
  • Child support and enforcement penalties: When one spouse fails to fulfill the child support obligations, there are penalties involved. Our attorneys help clients make sure the other spouse fulfills the obligations. We can also help you if you are being accused of not paying child support.
  • Family therapy: As a holistic family law firm, it is important to us that we are helping clients with all aspects of the process, including the emotional turmoil that can result from a divorce. We have a network of therapists and mental health professionals who can work with you and your children.

When a family matter must be resolved in court, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney. At Front Range Family Law, we vigorously defend your rights and best interests through all phases of the legal process. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific matter in greater detail.

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If you have questions regarding family law, schedule a free consultation at the Wheat Ridge office of Front Range Family Law. We can be reached by phone at 303-416-8505 or through our online contact form. Our office is easily accessible at Interstate 70 and 38th avenue.