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Modifying child custody orders is not easy

Every divorce is different. You and your spouse may have generously compromised on every issue, or you may have resisted each other to the very end, fighting for your rights in a heated litigation. Even if your divorce was not long and painful, you likely wouldn't want to go through it again.

Still, you aren't alone if you are beginning to feel that the custody arrangement you and your spouse agreed upon at the settlement is not working any longer. The fact is that life goes on, and that often means changes. Additionally, there may be critical concerns about the way the custody order is playing out, and you wonder if it is worth going back to court for a modification.

Do you relate to the issues in Ewan McGregor's divorce?

Being married and raising a family in Colorado (or anywhere nowadays) can be a joyful, rewarding experience but also quite challenging at times. If your marriage is one of many where the challenge has proved too strenuous to overcome, you may relate to others (including some celebrities) who are currently navigating the divorce process. Some people file for divorce after a year or less as a married couple. Others, such as actor Ewan McGregor, have been with their spouses more than two decades before deciding to divorce.

The McGregor divorce involves several contentious issues with which you may relate if you have children. He and his soon-to-be former wife, Eve Mavrakis, are both seeking custody of three of their four children. Their eldest child is an adult. Not uncommon in celebrity situations, the McGregor/Mavrakis break-up has also been fueled by media mentions of supposed infidelity. In reality, this is indeed often a deciding factor in many divorces.

Would a Colorado court agree to advanced child support?

You might have read several recent headline news stories regarding Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein's unfolding divorce and various other legal actions against him. If you also happen to be preparing for or currently navigating the divorce process, you may find it beneficial to pay close attention to others' experiences, especially when your situation shares similar issues. In Weinstein's case, prenuptial agreements, extenuating circumstances (i.e. criminal charges and numerous civil lawsuits) and child support are key factors.

Weinstein's ongoing divorce is from his second marriage. However, his former first wife has also come forward to submit a unique request to the court in light of Weinstein's present situation. The former couple has two children together, and the children's mother is very worried that Weinstein's circumstances may lead him to complete financial ruin, which could result in serious legal problems concerning child support. Attorneys on both sides will no doubt play key roles in court as this battle unfolds.

Things to do and not do to help your kids through your divorce

Although many people in Colorado and beyond might say it has its rewards, it's unlikely you'd find great numbers who also think parenting is easy. As a parent, you undoubtedly have your ups and downs, days when you're particularly thankful for your family and others when you wish you could go back to bed and start all over. In fact, you may even have days you'd rather forget altogether! It's par for the course that most parents encounter challenges along their journeys.

Some life events seem to prompt more challenge than others. You may have noticed this when you sat your kids down to tell them you were getting divorced. You may have also noticed their initial reactions varied; perhaps one child immediately grew sullen and quiet where another became quite vocal and tried to talk you out of it. You made up your mind then and there that you would do whatever you could to help them through the process that loomed ahead.

More women are paying child support after a divorce

Many women worked hard to make sure that those who came after them enjoyed the same opportunities as men. Women entered the work force in numbers and continued to strive for equality in the workplace. Many of them succeeded, and now, young women around the country, including those here in Colorado, have opportunities that their grandmothers, and perhaps even their mothers, didn't have decades ago.

Enjoying successful and lucrative careers also puts many women in the position of paying child support to their husbands after a divorce. This may come as a shock to many women, and they may face some uncomfortable adjustments.

Starting over the right way: Avoiding common divorce mistakes

So you're getting a divorce. While things may feel a bit overwhelming now, you're taking the first step toward a brighter, healthier future. Something you're likely already well aware of, though, is that this legal process comes with some pretty high stakes. With so much on your mind, it can be easy to overlook things or make mistakes, and unfortunately, these mistakes can come with a hefty price tag -- financially or emotionally -- if you're not careful.

However, the good news is that experts -- from marriage counselors to family law attorneys and more -- compiled a list of some of the most frequently made mistakes they've seen over the years -- or, in the case of divorced individuals, the mistakes they've made themselves -- along with ways to avoid them, so you don't have to make the same errors.

You can get divorced without an attorney but should you?

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your divorce, you may be in for some hefty challenges when it comes to negotiating a settlement. No divorce is a small matter, and every divorce has consequences. Your chances of obtaining a swift and agreeable outcome in court depend on various factors. Some people avoid litigation altogether by using collaborative law or other alternative dispute resolution options. The reality is that you can go through a divorce without any third-party assistance.

Whether or not you want to take such a route is an entirely different story. Perhaps you worry about how much hiring an attorney would cost. That's a legitimate concern and one many others in Colorado share. When you're unsure of which decision would best suit your immediate needs and long-term goals, it helps to take a step back and consider the possible benefits of a particular option.

What happens to inheritance during divorce?

Receiving an inheritance is great, but when it comes to divorce, this good thing can become the source of contention between the two parties. If you received an inheritance either before or after you got married, you would be wise to know what to expect from the property division process and how you can protect your rights.

When a Colorado couple decides to divorce, it will require the division of marital property. This means that all property jointly owned by the couple or assets accumulated over the course of the marriage are subject to division, as well as marital debts. Sometimes, the two parties are able to work through these issues amicably and avoid court, but in your case, it may be impossible to avoid a contentious dispute.

Your intended asks for a prenup. Is that bad?

You may feel like many others in Colorado when news breaks of a celebrity divorce. While the divorce itself may not be shocking, the revelation that the couple had not signed a prenuptial agreement often causes heads to shake, especially if one or both celebrities has gone through costly divorces before.

While you may take for granted that a Hollywood star would sign a prenuptial agreement, if your spouse-to-be recently suggested a premarital contract for the two of you, the question may have taken you aback. Nevertheless, the benefits such agreements provide are not limited to the rich and famous. Your intended may have very good reasons for seeking the protection of a prenup.

Your co-parenting efforts make a difference

You may remember those Octobers when you and your family had settled into a solid routine of work, school and your kids' activities. At some point in the day, you may have shared your upcoming schedules, or perhaps you had a common calendar displayed where everyone could see. Perhaps you shouted reminders to each other over the sound of the kids, the TV and the dog barking. Now that you are facing divorce, you may have concerns about what that shared parenting will look like.

Many Colorado parents use their children as game pieces, holding information hostage to make the other parent look bad when he or she misses important events. While this behavior may have the benefit of a moment of satisfying revenge, in the end, the children suffer most.

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