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Complications when parents of a special needs child divorce

Parenting a child with special needs is challenging in itself, but if you and your spouse are not getting along, this may multiply your struggles. Your child's disability may make it difficult to share custody, creating tension between you and your co-parent. Fortunately, your spouse's child support payments will help with medical care and other necessities, easing the financial burden.

However, child support typically ends when the child reaches the age of majority, usually 19. The court may extend the time if the child is in college or for other reasons. In your situation, however, there is no promise that your child will reach a point where he or she will no longer need support. Resolving these issues is crucial to the well-being of your child and your own peace of mind.

Are you trying to avoid divorce problems like Hunter Biden's?

The old saying that appearances are deceiving rings true in many Colorado marriage situations. It's not uncommon to see photos of married couples who appear completely in sync and happy with one another, only to learn soon after that they're getting a divorce. Many people commented similarly regarding Hunter Biden, and his now former wife, Kathleen. Since Biden is part of a publicly well-known family, a quick Google search can pull up hundreds of seemingly joyful images of him, his former wife and their three children.

As you may know, Biden is the son of a former vice president. News of his pending divorce went viral, especially because of controversial stories and rumors surrounding their marital split. Tabloid headlines told the world that Hunter Biden was romantically involved with his deceased brother's widow. Kathleen Biden also made accusations regarding marital infidelity involving prostitutes and lavish spending habits that caused her and her children to suffer financial neglect.

Winning custody isn't child's play, so know the rules of the game

When you first got married, there was probably nothing more important to you than your life with your new spouse. As time passed, children came and your new family became the focus of all your thoughts and efforts. Few things matter as much to a good parent as the health and well-being of his or her kids.

Now that your marriage seems to be ending, the welfare of the children is more important than ever. While you intend to make every effort to come away from a divorce in good shape personally, the best interests of the kids should always come first. Taking the time to prepare for making custody arrangements helps to ensure you meet those interests.

Life changes could mean child support changes

Change is an inevitable part of life, and change continues even after you walk through a major life change like divorce or legal separation. Sometimes, these changes are financial in nature, which means you may not be able to adhere to the terms of your original child support agreement. If you are currently in this situation, you have options available to you.

In some situations, Colorado law allows parents to seek a modification to an existing child support order. A modification could include either an increase or a decrease in the existing amount of support ordered, and you may seek one if there have been significant changes in your situation since the finalization of your current order.

Your spouse's cheating wallet

When you think of infidelity, you probably imagine your spouse romantically involved with someone else behind your back. However, not all infidelity is about love or sex. In fact, a growing number of spouses are unfaithful to their partners in a different way. Maybe you are guilty of it too.

Financial infidelity happens when spouses keep their money habits secret from each other. This could be something as simple as a wife hiding a newly purchased pair of shoes or a husband hiding the receipt from a lunch splurge. Financial infidelity becomes a serious issue when it interferes with the trust between two spouses.

Is mediation an option in a post-divorce property settlement?

In recent years mediation has become a popular option for division of property following a divorce. This is mostly due to the added expense of a drawn out court process that ultimately ends in a stranger dividing up your belongings.

Instead of letting a judge divide property between you and your ex, in a way that may seem unfair, mediation allows both of you to sit down with a third party and come to an arrangement that you feel is the most fair.

Divorce may take a toll on your comfortable lifestyle

The standard of living you have achieved since you got married may be enviable, but the state of your marriage is not. Since you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you may be concerned that you will be left struggling to make ends meet despite the plentiful assets you and your spouse have shared.

Do you need a prenuptial agreement if you are not wealthy?

Protecting financial interests before marriage is not a luxury reserved only for the wealthy, but is a smart choice for all Colorado couples. If you are getting married, you would be wise to consider the benefits of a premarital agreement, also known as a prenuptial agreement. Taking this step is not planning for divorce in the future, but is an effort to provide peace of mind and protection in case of extenuating circumstances.

Mediating your way to amicable solutions

You can probably find countless books, studies and various other types of literature regarding common consensus on why people get divorced. Regardless how well-supported a study might be, or how great a particular author, the reality is that no two marriages are exactly alike. Therefore, the same goes for divorce. That said, many people who do divorce in Colorado, or elsewhere in the nation, often have similar experiences.

An appropriate division of complex marital estates

Divorce is a complex process, and it can be particularly difficult when it involves high-value assets and large amounts of money. High-asset divorces tend to be more contentious, and it is essential to have the assistance of a Colorado lawyer who can effectively navigate disputes that involve property division and spousal support.

It is normal to have concerns regarding your financial future after divorce. With the appropriate legal guidance, you can secure the settlement you deserve with a rightful share of marital property. When there is much at stake, it is important to have an experienced, qualified legal ally advocating on your behalf and working to uphold your rights.

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