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October 2015 Archives

Same-sex parents have strengths and challenges

As society moves forward, it is quite likely that gay marriage and gay parenting will become more the norm. And as we all collectively become more used to the idea, fewer and fewer people will have an issue with same-sex couples marrying and having children. Of course if you are a gay or lesbian parent, you fully realize that your bond with your child is as strong as anyone's.

What helps a father and child have a long-distance relationship?

When you are a divorced father, every minute you get to spend with your children can be precious. As we have previously written on this blog, there are things that fathers can do to maximize periods of visitation. Most of what we covered in that post applies to fathers who had regular physical access to their children.

Realistic couples see advantages of prenuptial agreements

There was a time when judges would cast a cynical eye upon prenuptial agreements presented in their courtrooms. This was because prenups were often used by very wealthy spouses to block less powerful spouses from being eligible for assets during a divorce. These days, judges and the general public are far savvier about the advantages that both parties in a marriage can share as a result of having a well-written prenup.

Pop stars involved in high-asset divorce dispute

Going through a divorce can be an emotional and complex process for any couple. But this is especially true when a couple has been married for many years and has managed to amass a high volume of valuable assets during that time. It can be extremely complicated to determine who should get what. What's more, hurt feelings and anger can make reaching an amicable agreement almost impossible.

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