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May 2016 Archives

A child's housing preferences may not make much difference

For many children of divorce, there comes a time when shuffling back and forth between mom's house and dad's house becomes a hassle. Whether it happens when a child enters middle school and begins sports and other activities, or it is during high school when their social life and work schedule get full, many older children have a preference on where they want to live. Unfortunately, in many states like Colorado, what a child wants doesn't outweigh what the family court believes is in their best interest.

Is there child support for adult children?

Contrary to common belief, child support doesn't always end when a child turns 18. A surprising and little-known fact to most parents is that child support can actually be modified to extend well past the child's high school graduation date. If you are the recipient of child support or you're a child support paying parent, it may be beneficial to understand what factors can be considered when making a determination for adult child support.

Find out why you really need a divorce attorney

Imagine that you and your spouse are enjoying the perfect marriage. You have two healthy, beautiful children, a boy and a girl. You have a great house in a great neighborhood. You share the same interests, and you enjoy spending time with one another doing those things.

New Colorado law merges civil union and marriage licenses

Sometimes, the creation of new law can have a ripple effect throughout the legal system and it can take time for the proper adjustments to be made. The legalization of same-sex marriage is a case in point. While the acceptance of gay marriage was a positive step for the LGBT community, it created a seemingly small, but potentially cumbersome legal issue.

Advocates push for rights of fathers

While it may seem at times that the court system does not always give fathers their due in custody cases, the situation has improved over the years. In fact, there has been an increased effort to focus on the best interests of the child, rather than placing emphasis on the gender of the parents seeking custody. And the fathers' rights movement has likely played an important role in seeing such positive changes come to fruition.

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