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August 2016 Archives

High stakes divorce for high-profile clients

When you are a celebrity, you may have a very hard time keeping much of your private life out of the public's eye. We have seen the fall out as it played out week after week for Johnny Depp and his celebrity wife, Amber Heard. Allegations of abuse were thrown out like punches, doing damage to the character of the beloved actor known by children and adults alike. Whether there was truth behind the allegations was never made clear. However, on the evening prior to the appointment to meet in court regarding the restraining order against Depp we were alerted that a settlement had been reached. The order was subsequently withdrawn by Heard.

Managing the stress of divorce

It's often difficult to think five years into the future and imagine the landscape of your post-divorce life. While keeping your eye on the possibilities for your future is a solid strategy for getting through many stressful moments, it's not always so simple when you're dealing with the emotions that naturally come with the end of a marriage.

How can mental health affect a divorce?

Nearly every situation that comes into family court can take a turn for the worse. Divorce is no different and occasionally results in the dirty laundry of both spouses being aired in the courtroom. While many complaints and allegations are of no consideration to the family court, the question of mental health can play a major role in divorce.

Don't let divorce affect your retirement

Retirement is one of those things that individuals don't always think about until they need it. Many times, after years of hard work and savings, a retirement account represents a significant amount of money. During a divorce, these accounts, like most other assets, can't be subject to marital property laws. And, if your retirement or pension is of high value, you may want to do everything in your power to protect it from property division.

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