A High-Asset Divorce And Fighting To Find Hidden Assets

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A divorce involving significant assets and money is complex, but it is particularly difficult when one party chooses to take a dishonest approach and hide assets. Full disclosure of all marital assets is crucial to a fair and equitable property settlement, and that is impossible when all assets are not properly valued and evaluated.

If you believe that your spouse is hiding assets, you have no time to lose to protect yourself and your post-divorce financial standing. You would be wise to begin by seeking the help of an experienced attorney who knows what is at stake and who has experience in navigating the complexities of a Colorado high-asset divorce.

How can I make my spouse play fair?

It is extremely frustrating when you know that your spouse is not being honest. However, there are certain legal steps you can take to ensure that your rights are protected and that you have a reasonable shot at getting a fair share of all marital property. With help, you may find the following steps useful to finding and accurately valuing marital assets:

  • Evaluate voluntary disclosures: In most divorces, both parties will voluntarily provide asset disclosures. However, a careful evaluation of the information provided by your spouse could reveal that he or she may be withholding some assets.
  • Demand further disclosures: If the voluntary disclosure was not satisfactory, you have the right to demand a formal request for information (involuntary disclosures) from your soon-to-be ex. Your spouse would be legally bound to comply with this type of formal request.
  • Ask during a deposition: If it appears necessary to do so, you may depose the other party before a hearing in court. This would establish a legal record of your spouse speaking about assets and money that you believe he or she is currently hiding.

Your post-divorce future is serious, and you should not have to play a high-stakes game of hide and seek in order to secure what is rightfully yours after a divorce.

Your financial security is on the line

Your financial future depends on a fair and equitable division of marital assets and debts. You have the right to fight for a fair and reasonable outcome, and you can start by securing the help of an experienced legal professional.

Your legal ally can investigate your case, work to find hidden assets and fight for what is rightfully yours. It can be complex and difficult to navigate the intricacies of a high-asset divorce, but it is not a fight that you have to wage alone.