Do You Have Something In Common With These Celebrities?

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Do you know that Steven Seagal, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Madonna all have something in common? They are among many other celebrities who have faced domestic violence charges. In fact, Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty, not once but twice, to such charges but has apparently been out of the legal limelight for approximately seven years now. If you’re going through a divorce in Colorado where your former spouse is flailing accusations against you concerning substance abuse or domestic violence issues, then you too have something in common with these celebrities.

Having someone accuse of you illegal drug use or child abuse is obviously not something you want to have in common with anyone, Hollywood star or not. In fact, such situations can turn your everyday life into a living nightmare and may cost you precious time with your children, especially if the court forbids you to see them during an investigation.

Incidents that have reportedly occurred regarding domestic violence

Even if you are absolutely certain that the allegations against you are utterly and completely false, there may be little or nothing you can do about it until investigators confirm your adamant denial. Following, is a list of various situations involving celebrities that caused significant challenges during divorce:

  • Johnny Depp’s wife is said to have shown up in court with a terrible bruise on her face that she told the court Depp inflicted upon her.
  • Michael Lohan’s wife accused him of striking her son and assaulting her in 2015. He eventually turned himself in and the court removed two children from his custody.
  • Police arrested Carmen Electra for domestic violence against her basketball star husband, Dennis Rodman.
  • Another type of plea is known as no contest. This is how Mel Gibson pleaded when his then wife, Oksana Grigorieva, accused him of domestic violence.
  • Not all celebrities are married to those who accuse them of assault. Singing sensation Rihanna accused boyfriend Chris Brown of beating her up before a Grammy Awards show.

Your schedule for the week may not typically include a visit to the Grammy Awards or any other Hollywood event. However, if someone accuses you of domestic violence or substance abuse during divorce proceedings, it may greatly impact your relationship with your children. Such situations can also cause substantial delays in your divorce process or child custody hearings. It’s understandable that if you believe you are wrongly accused, you want to protect your rights, clear your name and rectify the whole situation as soon as possible.

Sometimes, that’s a lot easier said than done, especially if you are acting alone in court. This is why most Colorado residents ask experienced family law attorneys for help when facing allegations that place their reputations and their freedom at stake.