Do You Relate To The Issues In Ewan McGregor’s Divorce?

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Being married and raising a family in Colorado (or anywhere nowadays) can be a joyful, rewarding experience but also quite challenging at times. If your marriage is one of many where the challenge has proved too strenuous to overcome, you may relate to others (including some celebrities) who are currently navigating the divorce process. Some people file for divorce after a year or less as a married couple. Others, such as actor Ewan McGregor, have been with their spouses more than two decades before deciding to divorce.

The McGregor divorce involves several contentious issues with which you may relate if you have children. He and his soon-to-be former wife, Eve Mavrakis, are both seeking custody of three of their four children. Their eldest child is an adult. Not uncommon in celebrity situations, the McGregor/Mavrakis break-up has also been fueled by media mentions of supposed infidelity. In reality, this is indeed often a deciding factor in many divorces.

Some divorces more complicated than others

Even though McGregor listed irreconcilable differences as his reason for filing for divorce, the situation has been complicated by surrounding issues, such as child custody. The following facts regarding the McGregor/Mavrakis divorce may apply to your situation as well:

  • McGregor’s four children range in ages from 6 to 21. If you have a widespread age gap between children in your family, you may notice they each handle news of your divorce differently. Perhaps your adult child has been a bit more understanding and your teenager has become reclusive or rebellious. All are typical emotions concerning children of divorce. A key to helping them cope may lie in building a strong support system around them.
  • Photos and headlines regarding a possible extramarital affair on McGregor’s part prompted rumors regarding possible reasons for his divorce. Some photos reportedly show him kissing another woman. Such situations are intensely personal. If your situation involves a cataclysmic event that caused a breakdown in your relationship, you may decide to reach out for support by speaking with others who have gone through similar experiences.
  • In McGregor’s situation, he has requested joint custody and Mavrakis has petitioned the court for sole physical custody of their children. Custody issues often take the longest to resolve, which is why most parents seek assistance from experienced family law attorneys in the hopes of achieving swift and satisfactory solutions to their problems.

The bottom line is that your divorce situation is unique according to your own circumstances. However, you may able to come up with possible solutions to problematic issues by reviewing other divorces where people have faced similar problems.

Most Colorado parents find they can not only help their children adapt to new lifestyles but can also obtain fair and agreeable outcomes in court when they turn to experienced family law advocates for guidance.