Larry King Files For Gray Divorce

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If you’ve been married to your spouse for more than 20 years, you might be able to relate to a current situation that is unfolding in the life of iconic celebrity interviewer Larry King. He has reportedly filed for a gray divorce. While “gray” is not actually a legal term, most people use it nowadays to refer to divorces that occur later in life.

As many Colorado elders experience, King has had some recent health problems. It was during a hospital stay that his two grown sons, ages 19 and 20, are said to have convinced their dad to file for divorce form their mother, who happens to be King’s seventh wife. If you’re currently having marital problems and are age 60 or older, you may want to follow this case.

Key issues involved in King’s pending divorce

King’s sons were supposedly upset when they learned that their mother was trying to cheat them out of their inheritance. She allegedly presented legal documents to King while he was recovering in the hospital that would give her property rights but would also adversely affect her sons’ inheritance.

Another main factor in King’s decision to file for divorce seems to be infidelity. Surprisingly, this is often a central focus of gray divorce. If your spouse has had an affair, it may cause irreparable damage in your relationship no matter what age you are.

Past marital problems

Is there a recurring problem in your marriage that you and your spouse can’t seem to resolve? In King’s case, this is not the first time he has filed for divorce from his current wife. The couple has made headline news numerous times in the past because of their marital problems.

The last time King filed for divorce, his wife was supposedly planning to do the same thing; however, the couple reconciled before proceedings took place.

Build a strong support network

King’s situation shows that celebrity couples often deal with the same marital problems as Colorado spouses or the average couple in any other state might encounter. Celebrity or not, it’s important to know where to seek support if you expect to battle over estate planning issues such as your children’s inheritance or other matters concerning property or assets in divorce.

Many Colorado spouses stay a step ahead by remaining closely connected to experienced family law attorneys as they navigate divorce proceedings.