Picking the right time to discuss a prenuptial agreement

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Discussing a prenuptial agreement may bring with it sensitive thoughts and opinions from both parties. For many couples in Colorado, the idea of getting divorced when they have not yet married seems far-fetched and unrealistic.

Couples who desire to establish a fair and reasonable solution for aspects of their marriage if it were to end, can begin their relationship with added confidence and reassurance. Their care in selecting an appropriate time to have a discussion about a prenuptial agreement can add to the success of their decision.

Timing is everything

Just because people implement a prenuptial agreement before their marriage does not guarantee anything if signing occurred too close to the ceremony. According to Forbes, experts tell people to not get a prenuptial immediately before their marriage. In fact, they suggest that this practice could render the prenuptial useless if a divorce does happen relatively soon after the marriage.

Couples who want a prenuptial would benefit from visiting the topic well before they plan to marry. They should spend adequate time discussing the topics they want to address in their document. With everything in its place and finalized on time, the agreement can have added value for both parties. Additionally, bringing it up with ample time before marriage can encourage couples to have an unrushed and sincere discussion.

Covering the basics

The components of a prenuptial agreement will vary depending on a couple’s lifestyle and wealth. CNBC reminds people that a prenuptial cannot address some topics such as child custody during a divorce. It applies only to financial-related assets including valuables and investments.