How to co-parent after a divorce in Colorado

Jefferson County couples with children who get divorced should learn how they can be supported to co-parent effectively.

For parents facing a divorce, concerns surrounding the welfare of their children are commonly the most pressing of all. These concerns do not end when a divorce is final. The need to co-parent with a former spouse continue for many years, especially when children are minors. Divorcing couples must learn how to do this most effectively for the benefit of all involved.

Parental responsibilities in Colorado

According to the website of the Colorado Judicial Branch, there are no delineations for child custody in Colorado. Rather, the state outlines what it calls parental responsibility. This is essentially the ability and the right to make decisions on behalf of a child or children. These decisions can include those regarding healthcare, religion, education and activities.

Physical care is outlined separately and delineates with whom children will live or visit when and what amount of parenting time each parent will receive. Both physical care and parental responsibility can be awarded to one parent or to both parents jointly.

The need to co-parent

Regardless of whether or not parental responsibility and physical care are awarded solely or jointly, most divorced parents need to interact with their former spouses while raising children. This co-parenting can be challenging at times but it is important for everyone involved that it be done positively and collaboratively.

Psychology Today indicates that children will be more secure when they can see their parents working together on their behalf. This can come in the form of flexible decision making or even polite greetings and references to each other. Every opportunity that parents have to create positive interactions should be taken.

Some recommendations to facilitate good co-parenting including sticking to the agreed parenting time schedule when and where possible. Being flexible when needed for special events, for example, is equally important.

Handling finances together

A divorce cannot fully separate two people when they have children together. When the children are still minors, the need to manage finances jointly in some capacity also remains. The Huffington Post provided information about how many parents today are taking advantage of apps designed to help with this.

Letting technology streamline the tracking of child-related costs and contributions by both parents can reduce the chances for unnecessary conflict between parents. This, in turn, can create a more positive co-parenting atmosphere.

Know when and where to get help

The prospect of a divorce can be daunting for Colorado families. Being able to get help is important. Working with a lawyer from the beginning of the process is important.

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