Modification Of A Divorce Decree

A divorce order is developed based on the financial situation of both parties at the time of the divorce. It would be unrealistic to assume that the order can remain effective for years following the dissolution of marriage. If your circumstances have dramatically changed following a divorce, contact our firm to learn more about your legal options.

The Jefferson County child support modification attorney at Front Range Family Law has extensive experience guiding clients through the full range of family law matters. We understand the toll that a divorce can take and the necessity of maintaining an accurate divorce order. If you have experienced a substantial change in your financial situation such as losing a job, suffering a reduction in hours or job relocation, we encourage you to contact our office for a free initial consultation.

A Range Of Divorce Matters For Modification

It is very important for every parent to know that all issues related to children are modifiable until the child turns 19. Common modifications include:

  • Modifying a visitation schedule
  • Modifying custody
  • Modifying child support
  • Modifying decision-making
  • Modifying residential custody

Children have changing needs, and it is important to re-evaluate and modify a divorce order when necessary. In Colorado, there must be a two-year period between the filing of motions, so parents must be sure they want to pursue a change. If you have questions regarding the modification of custody or any other post-divorce change, contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

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