Shielding Your Rights As A Father

In recent years, the legal system has made great strides to ensure that divorce orders remain gender-neutral – focused mainly on the best interests of the children. While this is true in most states across the nation, it is crucial that a father works with a skilled attorney to ensure his parental rights are protected.

The Jefferson County fathers’ rights lawyer at Front Range Family Law has extensive experience guiding fathers through the process of divorce. When faced with the dissolution of marriage, most fathers are concerned that they will lose the ability to spend time with their children. An experienced Colorado lawyer can carefully examine a complex situation and provide valuable insight into the steps that need to be taken. There are certain actions that a father can take to solidify his relationship with the children before, during and after the divorce.

Wheat Ridge Family Law Firm Protecting The Rights Of Fathers In Divorce

It is important to remember that fathers do not have automatic rights when it comes to children. They need to establish a parenting bond through the appropriate action. Fathers typically have to spend more time, effort and money in establishing a proper parenting plan. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney who can help you direct your efforts.

It is not uncommon for a father to take action that is in the best interests of the family, only to harm his legal standing in the future. Take, for example, the father who moves out of the family home and gets an apartment to lessen the possibility of arguing in front of the children. Unfortunately, while this action serves to lessen confrontation, he is also alienating himself from the children. These types of actions can be detrimental to a father’s rights through the divorce process. Consult with an attorney before making any major decisions.

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