Protecting Your Business Assets In A Divorce

Finances are at the heart of most divorces. Co-ownership of a family business complicates the divorce process. In a divorce, a fair and equitable division of the marital assets depends on an accurate valuation of all of the marital assets. A high-asset divorce attorney, such as attorney Rebecca Gumaer, is a vital asset in fighting for your share of the family business.

At Front Range Family Law, we know when to call in the experts.

Determining The Value Of Your Business

One of the strengths of Ms. Gumaer’s practice at Front Range Family Law is her access to a network of financial advisers and business valuation experts. With Ms. Gumaer’s assistance, clients can rest assured that they will receive an accurate assessment of their business’s value.

Preserving The Value Of Your Business

The process of determining the value of a family business during a divorce and coming to an agreement on both sides has the potential to destroy the value of your business. When there is disagreement about the business valuations submitted, the business may suffer. With access to Ms. Gumaer’s properly vetted business evaluators, divorcing individuals can protect the value of their business. We don’t want our clients to lose their livelihood or experience financial devastation as the result of the divorce. At every stage of the divorce, we work to ensure an outcome where you can have a fresh start. A mediation approach to business valuations is a great start.

Legal Help For Business Valuations

To move forward with a divorce where a business is involved, consult with family law attorney Rebecca Gumaer at Front Range Family Law. Call 303-416-8505 to schedule a free consultation or use our online form.