Attorneys With Access To A Network Of Family And Child Therapists

At Front Range Family Law, we have been serving individuals experiencing divorce throughout Jefferson County since 2005. The emotional toll of a divorce on each and every member of the family cannot be overstated. Our philosophical approach to dealing with the emotional consequences of a divorce is to place mediation, collaboration and therapy at the center of our family law practice.

Divorcing With Dignity

We are a holistic family law firm, and we help parents and families process their emotions in supportive and therapeutic environments by using a network of mental health therapists, family therapists and child therapists. Therapy at the individual and family level is a critical component of our success. Divorcing with dignity is possible and desirable.

We find that successful legal outcomes in family divorce depend on building and maintaining healthy support networks for the divorcing individuals, including therapy. It is essential that divorcing couples – especially those with children – find healthy ways of interacting with one another even after divorce since they have children and finances in common. While the marriage ceases to exist after a divorce, the same cannot be send about the family. Divorces end marriages, but family relationships must continue as divorcees co-parent their children.

Resources For Fathers

Divorcing spouses often have to learn how to parent by themselves during the child custody periods. Fortunately, Rebecca Gumaer directs clients to free resources in Jefferson County. For example, the Jefferson County Fatherhood Program provides fathers with guidance on how to be actively involved in the lives of their children beyond the financial aspects.

In our family law practice, we emphasize the importance of the emotional well-being of the divorcing parties, their families and especially their children.

Protect Your Family During The Divorce

Ending your marriage doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your children’s emotional and mental well-being. Our firm will work to resolve your legal concerns while simultaneously making sure that you have the resources that you need. To consult with Wheat Ridge family law attorney Rebecca Gumaer, call 303-416-8505 or use our online form.