Protecting Mothers’ Rights In The Divorce Process

There is a pervasive urban myth that supports the notion that the law automatically defaults to the mother when parenting matters must be determined. This might have been true decades ago, but in the current legal system, mothers must take action to protect their parental rights. Do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable Jefferson County mothers’ rights attorney as soon as possible.

At Front Range Family Law, we understand that a divorce can be a turbulent time for the entire family. Parents, children and immediate family members must all be patient and willing to work together to resolve complex matters. Mothers, in particular, must work with a skilled Colorado lawyer to ensure that their parental rights are not violated.

Valuable Counsel For Mothers During The Divorce Process

It is not uncommon for a mother to act in what she feels is the best interest of her children during the divorce process – when, in fact, she’s hurting her ability to draft a parenting plan in the future. For example, consider a situation where the mother begins allowing the children to spend three days with the father without having a parenting plan in place. If this goes on for a significant amount of time, this can work against the mother when it comes time to actually draft the parenting plan. By attempting to protect the family unit, the mother has set a precedent. An experienced attorney can provide valuable insight into these complex proceedings.

Child Custody And Child Support

It is not uncommon for mothers to fight feelings of guilt when facing disputes regarding child support, child custody and spousal support. All of these factors allow mothers to provide the best life for her child. Let us fight on your behalf. Your best chance at a beneficial settlement is by working with a skilled attorney.

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