Protect Your Rights In Spousal Support And Maintenance

Alimony, referred to as “spousal maintenance” in Colorado, is awarded to one divorcing spouse as financial support from the other spouse. Spousal maintenance may be awarded at the judge’s discretion and can feel very arbitrary in many cases. Courts generally consider the income of the parties, the length of the marriage, the quality of life and standard of living and the earning potential of each party, among others, to determine an amount.

With so many factors being considered, retaining a family attorney with a nuanced and in-depth understanding of Colorado spousal maintenance and alimony laws is essential. Rebecca Gumaer of  Front Range Family Law serves clients in the greater Wheat Ridge area, helping them to navigate complex and high-asset divorces successfully.

Alimony Is Evolving In Colorado

In January 2014, a new alimony law went into effect in Colorado. The guidelines generally govern all couples with combined incomes of less than $240,000 per year who were married between three and 20 years. The enforcement of this law makes it more important than ever to retain an experienced spousal support attorney in the Denver Highlands.

Our firm’s approach is to identify the likely outcome through litigation and then assess whether mediation or negotiation might produce a more optimum outcome for our clients. Indeed, for clients with combined incomes greater than $240,000, retaining an attorney who can craft a legal strategy and a financial narrative to ensure you are not left destitute in a divorce is even more vital.

Protect Your Finances

At Front Range Family Law, we will advocate for you and assert your rights in family court. We know that the financial award you receive or pay in a divorce can impact the quality of your life in the future. For a free evaluation, call 303-416-8505 or email our office.