Attorney Handling Complex Marital Estates In Divorce

Rebecca Gumaer is a tenacious attorney with an excellent track record of success in getting clients the financial rewards to which they are entitled. More so than other divorces, high-asset divorces tend to have greater conflict and a greater likelihood to result in extensive litigation. In such a scenario, the litigation, negotiation and strategic experiences of an attorney like Rebecca Gumaer are invaluable.

Representing clients facing difficult financial situations is Rebecca Gumaer‘s forte. She thrives on asserting her clients’ rights and challenging anyone who would attempt to take advantage of them. With an excellent support staff and an extensive network of professional financial business advisers, attorney Gumaer is prepared to litigate endlessly to ensure optimum outcomes for her clients.

Secure Your Finances – Ensure Your Future

Every high-asset divorce must begin with an accurate assessment of the financial conditions of both parties. This includes independent appraisals of the market value of all property involved in the divorce. Rebecca Gumaer has access to a network of vetted business valuation experts that fairly appraise family-owned businesses and real property. High asset divorces require these extra investigative steps. Front Range Family Law assesses clients’ entire lives, including their presence on social media, to create the best possible result.

Contact An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

When your entire financial future is on the line, contact shrewd high-asset divorce lawyer Rebecca Gumaer of Front Range Family Law. She has the experience and resources to ensure that you are protected. To begin asserting your rights, call 303-416-8505 or email our office.