Protect Yourself With A Premarital Agreement

No one knows what the future will hold. One of the most important steps in getting married is planning for the future. Family law attorney Rebecca Gumaer has seen countless couples who would have certainly benefited from advanced legal planning. Drafting a premarital agreement is not a disavowal of your love for one another. In fact, a premarital agreement can be an act of love – one which establishes fair and equitable ways to treat one another if the worst were to ever happen.

Premarital agreements are important because financial division of marital property is one of the leading contributors to difficult and contentious divorces. Many acrimonious divorces would be avoided with the assistance of a family law attorney. At Front Range Family Law, lawyer Rebecca Gumaer drafts premarital and postnuptial agreements that govern many legal questions, including:

  • Alimony
  • Property
  • Attorney fees
  • Wills
  • Inheritances

In many ways, a premarital agreement that sets out in advance the division of property and the amount of alimony can provide a sense of relief and preparation to a married couple.

Second Marriages In Colorado

Increasingly, Colorado residents, like the rest of country, are embarking on second marriages. In these second marriages, the couple may have assets which need to be reserved for children from a previous marriage.

Rebecca Gumaer drafts premarital agreements to address client concerns and help them protect their finances and assets in second marriages. For clients who are already married, postnuptial agreements serve the same purpose as premarital agreements but are entered into after a couple is already married.

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